Video Portfolio

The presented videos below consists of corporate showcases, movies with animations, industrial time lapses, drone movies, events and a documentary.

Our 360 videos are available on the 360 page.

Martial Arts Dinner

Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in Brussels.

The presentation of a Hong Kong Gala Dinner. Inspired by Jin Yong’s martial arts novel: “The Legend of the Eagle-shooting Heroes”. The dinner celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative region.


Design gallery from Ikea, launch their new store at the outside of the city of Hasselt. The pop-up shop in the centre of the city is part of Ikea’s marketing campaign “Everyone smart”, and adresses customers in how its new range of smart products can make life more efficient and more sustainable.

Chemical Company

Presentation of a steam cracker installation. Steam crackers units are facilities in which naphtha, LPG, ethane, propane or butane are thermally cracked in order to produce lighter hydrocarbons. Every five years the installation needs to have a maintenance. TAR 19 stands for Turn A Round and 19 is the year. This video demonstrates that even chemical processes can be visualised magnificent.

Showcase Video

Compilation of corporate and industrial video. The video starts with a classical company presentation and is focused on persons. Several slogans are incorporated into the video. Also a variety of companies are presented like Alcon, Dimension Data, Ikea, Red Bull and Volkswagen.

Time-laps movie

With time-lapse movies it’ possible to show things that take a long time in a short time. As said we are fast forwarding time. It is possible to show production-processes, building construction, city town and mood images in an exciting way.

Gold rush documentary

This documentary tells you the story of a small village in the north of Portugal that once had a flourishing gold mine.

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