Visual Aide

Using visual aids

Our living world has become visual. Good images or movies send in an email will make the receiver remember the message much better compared to a plain text email.

Finding an image for the location

Finding the right Visual

Finding a visual to determine the right atmosphere that fits your message, starts with the right photo or video. You can purchase photo’s from web databases. But where do you start searching in this jungle of online databases? While it is important to be creative and deliberate in your choice of images to achieve the most impact for your purpose.

How can you display your specific material visually? What techniques might help you present your argument or results in a stimulating way?

How do you make worth your investment taking into account technical layout challenges and appropriate copyright and publication guidelines?

We can help you with techniques of finding the right image or take the image ourselves. Inspect our tailored photos, videos, 360 visuals.



The Studio is located on the bustling south of Antwerp just across a coffee bar called Copper. It’s within walking distance of public transport and nearby access to the highway. With a size of 8 by 12 meters long and 4,5 meters high. There is a separated make-up and dressing room. There will always be one free parking in front of the garage door. The studio photography is ideal for photography or video from persons and products. The studio is located on the bottom floor and accessible by car for transport of larger equipment. Feel free to CONTACT us regarding the location.


Retouching and Post-production

Product material, personal photography and industrial images need retouching in order to magnify the visual aid and to obtain improved results of the perception of the message.


Photography courses

We provide courses suited to your needs within photography, photograph software in Adobe.
Learn how to take professional photo’s. In Adobe Photoshop we will learn you the basic handling with some extra tips and tricks. and retouching techniques, color management, or develop an automated workflow process and archiving techniques.

Courses in Visualization techniques

Suppose you have an idea. But you don’t know how to express this visually? Have you considered the different aspects that are needed to get a good photo or video? Have you taken photos or videos but don’t have the time or adequate software or skills to adopt them. Our courses in visualization techniques can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We will teach you how to take photos or make videos yourselves. We offer tailored courses within visualization effects of photos, videos, presentation, documentaries,…
Learn how to find, select, tailor, distribute, concentrate on imaging on demand.


Help with Visualization

Assist in both the visualization of idea’s and in the distribution of visualized idea’s with focus on the customer strategy.


Getting Published and Optimized

Get your website ready or create supplementary web page packages with virtual tours included, hosted on your server or hosted by us. Decide on where to publish and make additional commercial channels available.

Optimize your webpages, videos, photo’s with search engine optimisation (SEO), follow statistics and hits. Submission of new content to search engines. Many options are available…